Finally, Barbie Makes a Pretty Doll

After years of criticism about unrealistic standards of beauty, Barbie has made a new doll that’s just like you and me. Oh sorry, I got that wrong, they made a super hot model into a doll. Girls will still hate their bodies.

Gigi Hadid just got a Barbie makeover. The doll is dressed in Tommy Hilfiger and on roller blades, so it must take place in the 90s since no one has cared about those two things in 20 years.

Gigi is just one of the many “Sheroes” who received a namesake doll. Others included Zendaya, ballerina Misty Copeland, and plus-sized model Ashley Graham. Why Gigi is considered a “Shero” is unclear. She’s known for being hot, doing a poor Melania impression, and sort of making fun of Asian people. Also, it’s unclear why any company would think the word “Shero” would sound intelligent or catch on.

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