‘Girls’ Found a Way to Gross Out HBO With Forbidden Sex Scene

Holy s**t! Girls found a way to pitch a sex scene that HBO won’t air.

Considering Girls itself has filmed scene of ass-eating and the amount of anal rape in the HBO series Oz was plentiful, it’s surprising to hear there’s any line they won’t cross.

Sadly, their proposed shot was slightly less obscene than you might have imagined. It doesn’t involve kids, or dogs, or some kind of alien being raped with a spatula. It was just cum.

Judd Apatow and Lena Dunham wanted to have a climax scene that ended with “cum arcing through a shot.” HBO said they could lose their license over that, so this lovely cum scene was cut.

It’s pretty surprising that that’s the one thing they can’t show on HBO. Again, if I had a nickel for every rape scene, I’d be one rich lady. But a shot of cum (that would certainly be watered down shampoo in the shot) is too much.

So, if you were going to submit a pilot about some kind of cumming version of the fountains at the Bellagio, send it over to Cinemax.

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