It’s Scott Disick’s Fling, J Lynne, and Her Bikini Pics

Who knows what’s going on with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. They’re so on and off again. Maybe it’s all a publicity ploy. After all, Kourtney’s the Kardashian with the least talent. That’s saying something.

Disick was making out with two girls in Miami over the weekend. Neither was Kourtney. One was some mystery chick.

The other was J Lynne, born Jessica Harris.

Pretty sure Lynne, 26, is using Disick. Her Facebook page says she’s from Pennsylvania, but according to Instagram, she moved to Miami “for now but you know I can’t sit still 😏✈️” She probably makes money from posting shared links on Facebook because her FB page is just links to random websites. Is this what people do before they make it as an Instagram model?

You can check out some of her IG posts.

Disick told friends this was just a one day thing. Wow, Disick, not even a one night stand, but a one day stand. It’s good to be a sorta celebrity. At least Harris got some publicity from Daily Mail for making out with Disick, sooo, congrats?

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6 years ago

What kind of an insecure fool is still taking up smoking in 2017.