Ivanka Trump Wants to F**k Justin Trudeau as Much as We All Do

The Prime Minister of Canada is kind of a babe.

So look, Justin Trudeau isn’t exactly a male model, but considering most politicians look like moldy peaches stuffed into suits, and our own president looks like Jabba the Hut with a spray tan, Trudeau is hot as f**k as far as politicians go.

And judging by the photos of his visit to the White House, Ivanka Trump wants to mate with him and bite his head off, straight up black widow style.

She wants to do some crazy spider s**t to him and live inside him.

Behold the thirst, y’all.

And if you are thinking maybe it’s just that one photo, peep this shot of her looking at him like a golden retriever with a boner.

Same Ivanka.


[H/T The Daily Dot]

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