Johnny Depp Is Trying to Beat Out Nicolas Cage for Weirdest Celebrity Shopping Spree

When you have more money than god what do you do with it?

Well, if you’re Nicolas Cage, you buy a dozen mansions and castles all over the world and allegedly a menagerie of exotic predators. Johnny Depp is going even harder, his own business managers suing him for being a crazy motherfucker that goes through $2 million a month.

Yes, that is not a typo. $2 million. A month.

The Mandel Company has been trying for almost 20 years to keep Johnny Depp from complete financial ruin, but it’s hard when he does s**t like spend $3 million dollars in a pop, in order to launch Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon.

Yeah. He did that after the guy died in 1995.

While Depp wants to sue his financial managers, claiming it’s their fault he’s going belly up, it turns out he’s just nuts. Shocking, the guy who might have cut his own finger off in the middle of a fight with his ex is nuts.

Depp has spent $75 million buying and furnishing 14 houses, has 45 luxury cars, spends $30,000 a month on wine, spends $10 million a year supporting a whole entourage of fucks, and has an over 200 piece art collection.

Damn, being Tim Burton’s bitch pays well. Sign me the f**k up. v

[H/T Deadline]

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