Kim Kardashian Has Her Hand Up Kanye’s Butt

Look, I’m not about to knock this. Somebody needs to have some kind of control over Kanye West. And clearly it is not Kanye West.

On top of having to look perfect while raising two kids and having an insane career with ridiculous pressures and demands, sources told Radar that Kim Kardashian is running husband Kanye’s entire life.

“Kanye is like Kim’s puppet right now and he does whatever she says.”

We have all seen what happens when Kanye does whatever he wants. Like, are y’all really complaining?

According to the insider, Kim isn’t doing it out of love, however.

“Kim is just terrified that Kanye will do more damage to her brand.”

That is a pretty legitimate fear. When left unsupervised, Kanye does s**t like this.

“It is opposite of what it used to be like, but Kim likes having the power in their relationship now.”

Imagine, Kanye West controlling your every waking decision.

What a healthy marriage.

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