Malia Obama Pitches Scripts to Weinstein Executives During Internship

Malia Obama is interning at the Weinstein Company, and may be personally responsible for the next movie that sweeps the Oscars. Her job is sorting through the thousands and thousands of scripts they get sent and deciding which ones make it up to the executives who make the big decisions.

It’s kind of weird to imagine the ex-president’s daughter working a $9 an hour internship, but I guess she is a person who has to do stuff. You know Michelle Obama wouldn’t tolerate her being your average basement dwelling millennial.

We know she’s into film after her Sundance Film Festival appearance, so this is pretty rad. Malia Obama seems like a cool chick with good taste in stuff (she likes art and whatever), so maybe she’ll help push some cool movies into production.

Do it up Malia.


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