Metallica Wants to Make Lady Gaga a Permanent Member, Super Unlikely to Really Happen

Lars Ulrich was so impressed with Lady Gaga, he’d like to make her a permanent member of the band.

Discussing their team-up for the Grammys (which came about because Lady Gaga and Ulrich were hanging out together at Bradley Cooper’s house), the band said they loved Gaga’s edge and energy and thought she was a great compliment to the band. Gaga herself has respected Metallica for years and was excited about the collaboration.

Unfortunately, the performance itself was beset by a number of technical issues. Lead singer James Hetfield couldn’t be heard because his mic was off for the whole first part of the song, then had to share a mic with Lady Gaga to be heard at all. That was after presenter Laverne Cox didn’t even say the name of the band when introducing them. By the end of the song, Hetfield was visibly pissed, throwing his guitar off  with rage to a stage tech.

With the lead singer being outshone (mostly from everything fucking up for him), it’s doubtful the band will really want to play second fiddle to Lady Gaga. Because, let’s be real, everyone would care a s**t load more about her than Metallica. And hardcore Metallica fans probably aren’t super psyched to hear a metal version of “Poker Face.”

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