Salt Bae Goes Full Turkish Psycho, Dances with Dead Pig With a Rose in Its Ass

Salt Bae is back just in time for Valentine’s Day.

After flinging salt next to Leonardo Dicaprio, he’s moving on to his next viral hit.

If you like a man who dances with a dead pigs body and pulls a bouquet of roses from it’s ass, then seek out Salt Bae to be your Valentine.

People fell in love with Salt Bae from his erotic treatment of his meat. No, not his masturbation videos (though if he adds salt to that, he’s got a real problem), but how he tenderly caresses each steak and piece of pork.

His real name is Nusret Gökçe, a Turkish chef who owns a range of steakhouses in the country.

At 27, he opened his first restaurant in Istanbul and traveled to Argentina to learn more about meat. Now, at 34, he has nine business and 600 employees. Enough to feed his nine children.

If you wish you could see Salt Bae himself, he hopes to open a restaurant in New York, though there are no immediate plans.

Though his actual work is impressive, why people like watching a guy that looks like he’s going to f**k your food is a little beyond me. But if you’re into a guy that dances with corpses, here’s another video to keep your Salt Bae love alive.

see if you can do more research and get more detai

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