Nick of ‘The Bachelor’ Likes That Corinne is ‘So Aggressive,’ aka DTF

Big news! The Bachelor‘s Nick Viall likes the girl who’s dying to f**k him!

US Weekly has some inside scoop that Nick really likes Corinne’s aggressive behavior.

Corinne has made a name for herself by making out with Nick on the first day, took her tits out on the second, and recently bragged about her “sex abilities” and “platinum” vagina.

Despite being a dumbass that antagonizes and annoys the s**t out of everyone else in the house, Nick is intrigued.

The US Weekly source said “He wants to take the process seriously. But no other Bachelor has had a sex drive like Nick, and he loves that Corinne is so aggressive.”

What? The Bachelor would rather just get fucked than find the love of his life on a reality show. What a revelation!

The source continues to say that Corinne does try to sleep with Nick and it’s a very dramatic moment.

My guess about what happens? They f**k. They f**k until the final two, then he picks the other girl.

Either way, the grown woman incapable of making “cheese pasta” will be hanging around for a bit longer.

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