Trump’s Handshake With Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Was Super Awkward

Let’s not define Trump’s presidency by the reactionary and boneheaded things he’s done in these past few weeks. Let’s also define it with incidents like today’s meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Trump turned what was supposed to be a simple photo op into a super awkward moment that could make even Phoebe Price recoil with embarrassment.

Before a press conference, the two leaders met in the Oval Office to shake hands. Trump really wanted to shake hands. He took Abe’s into his and held it for a full 19 seconds as he patted it before letting go and commenting, “Strong hands.”

That wasn’t the best part though. No, that came when Trump finally let go and Abe made literally the most “is this guy autistic?” expression I’ve seen anyone ever make.

The only thing that could top this is if Trump was wearing a multi-colored propeller beanie.

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