Anouk van Keef Straps Down Her Dutch Breasts at the Beach

If you want to see models, hit up Miami. That’s what I’ve learned. Every single model goes there.

They call this one Anouk van Keef. Never heard of her. Quick Google search shows she’s Dutch, about 5’10” and an 82 cm bust which is metric so I’m not converting that.

van Keef took her Dutch self down to Miami, popped on a bikini and enjoyed some sun. These photographers must have some idiot savant recall for model names. I don’t see how anyone could know that this is someone named Anouk van Keef, unless they were deep in the business and had a photographic memory. Like I said, idiot savants, but only for model names.

Check out her gallery and Instagrams below. It’s all model poses. It’ll do.

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