Brad Pitt Is a Lonely Man Who Sculpts at Night to Forget About Angelina Jolie

Damn, Brad Pitt, sexiest man alive and now forever alone.

Daily Mail has an interesting read about how Pitt is getting over his divorce with Angelina Jolie. He’s taken up sculpting from British artist Thomas Houseago. You can read up on him here. He’s a real, well-known sculptor, not some dude Pitt met on the street.

Houseago has taught Pitt a bit about scultpingĀ and Pitt’s taken a liking to it. So much so that he spends 15 hours a day in the studio, working on a sculpture under Houseago’s direction. Pitt stays there late into the night listening to sad songs. So emo.

One source said:

‘Everybody knows it’s related to what’s going on with him personally, but nobody says anything. He’s a quiet guy, and very humble. He’s learning at a fast pace.

‘Art is a way for him to concentrate on one thing, taking his mind off everything else. He’d rather do that and be constructive than go out partying.’

I wonder if the sculpture is Angelina Jolie in different forms, all Picasso like with ears and eyes out of place and in weird proportions.

While he’s scultping, I imagine fat tears rolling down Pitt’s cheek. Dude’s gonna start cutting himself soon.

This source even gives a couple of artists on Pitt’s emo playlist: Bon Iver and Waylon Jennings. Seems like Pitt particularly likes Jennings’ “Just to Satisfy You.”

Some of the lyrics include:

Someone’s gonna get hurt before you’re through
Someone’s gonna pay for the things you do
How many hearts must break, how many will it take
To satisfy you, just to satisfy you

Man, George Clooney and Matt Damon need to play a practical joke on Pitt to pull him out of this funk.

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7 years ago

LOL!! Oh the problems of the rich. Tough life indeed *eye roll*