Brie Larson Fakes Amnesia to Avoid Casey Affleck Questions

While most people remember The Oscars for getting Best Picture award wrong, some people are still caught up on Brie Larson not clapping for Casey Affleck after she presented him with his Best Actor award.

I wouldn’t have clapped either. Denzel was robbed.

The theory is that Larson didn’t clap for Affleck due to the sexual harassment lawsuits filed against the actor. Affleck settled both lawsuits out of court, and charges were never brought forward, but that doesn’t mean he’s not guilty of something. And Larson, a strong woman, who played a sexual abuse victim and won an Oscar the previous year for her work in Room, seems to agree.

Larson went on Live with Kelly to talk about something, and of course was asked about the incident. Being a pro, she shut that s**t down quickly.

“I am grateful it was televised because I have no memory of it.”

Kelly and Christian got the hint and moved on.

Affleck was accused of sexual harassment by Amanda White and Magdelena Gorka. Both women claimed that Affleck made sexual advances towards them and spoke openly about wanting to have sex with them. Gorka claims that Affleck even climbed into her bed one night while she was sleeping. The lawsuits were settled in 2010.

This whole “Brie didn’t clap” thing seems silly. Who cares? Just because an actor/actress gives a great performance in a movie doesn’t mean he/she isn’t a terrible person. You don’t have to clap for terrible people.

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