Charlie Sheen Knows Other HIV+ Celebs But Will Never Reveal Them

Credit to Charlie Sheen for coming out with his HIV positive diagnosis. True that the tabloids were about to break the story, so he got out ahead of them with his own reveal. Still, he basically cut off a ton of opportunities for himself and stigmatized himself to a certain degree. Not an easy decision.

There are celebs  walking around with HIV who aren’t so brave, so says Sheen. Sheen appeared on Australia’s “The Kyle & Jackie ‘O’ Show.” Host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson asked, “Do you think there are more people in Hollywood that have HIV that wouldn’t dare come out and say it like you did?”

Sheen’s response was succinct:

“I know who they are, but I will take that to my grave.”

Since Sheen came out with his HIV diagnosis, his once-active sex life has turned drier than a desert. Lots of jacking off. About his sex life, Sheen said:

‘… Here’s the joke these days right, a friend of mine says ‘hey man how’s your sex life?’ and I’m like ‘oh it’s just f—ing perfect because HIV is such a great pickup line!”

I feel for this guy. Rich, TV star, sexcapades every single day, drugs everywhere probably, that is, living the Hollywood dream. And now, trapped in his home, outcast, but still forced to live in the public eye. Fame is cruel.

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Flower Gypsy
Flower Gypsy
7 years ago

He purposely kept his disease a secret and slept with countless women without protection. Pretty hard to feel sorry for him