What Does Being A Disney Princess Pay?

A whole fucking lot.

No wonder Emma Watson was talking about how hot the animated goat beast is. If you paid me $3 million upfront, I would say anything you wanted was hot. I’d also f**k it.

That’s what she’s getting up front, and experts say that if the film kills it like Maleficent did, she’ll end up with a cool $15 million in her pocket.

Considering that all the other Disney live action rehashes have made bank, experts are saying it’s pretty likely Beauty and the Beast will too. After all, Maleficent made $759 million worldwide and Jungle Book made $967 million. Even Cinderella, which made less than the other two films, still raked in $544 million.

Not to be that guy, but do we really need to be pouring this kinda money into movies when over half the world lives in hell?

Watson, who got $60 million for all of the Harry Potter films, hasn’t raked in a truly killer payday on that level since. This movie puts her back in the game raking in the kinda cash that will do nicely in her offshore bank account.

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