Dolly Parton Keeps Her Secret Lesbian Lover Locked in the Closet

It’s a shame that these celebs have to hide their gay relationships. Dolly Parton has been married to husband Carl Dean for 50+ years. Parton supposedly is living a lie. At least, her heart is with someone else (this reads like a romance novel).

These rumors have been around for awhile.

Robert Randolph, author of Doctors to the Stars, claims Parton has hidden a secret lesbian relationship with childhood pal Judy Ogle (here’s what she looks like). The only reason Parton hasn’t come out is that she’s afraid of alienating her fans.

Parton says ““I am closer to Judy than I am to Carl” and that her and Ogle have often slept in the same bed since childhood.

There’s also this:

According to Randolph, before passing away in 2015, Michael Jackson‘s dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein told him that the women “made no bones about being in love with each other,” when they once paid him a visit together.

Michael Jackson’s dermatologist is involved? This goes layers deep.

Parton has a strong contingent of LGBT fans. This is perfect. Come out, celebrate being gay and fabulous and get on with life.

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