Don Cheadle Tells a Story of Donald Trump Using the N-Word

Another day, another Donald Trump Twitter story. At least this time it’s not Trump doing the tweeting. Instead, it’s Don Cheadle, who is accusing Trump of using the N-word during a golf event prior to becoming president.

Is this really surprising? As Cheadle pointed out in his final tweet, Trump has been this way long before he became president. In fact, it’s even more embarrassing that he is the president based on everything we know about him. Given all that he’s said and done over the years, would it really surprise anyone if he did say the n-word while golfing with people whom he felt comfortable around?

HE WASN’T WEARING A WIRE?!?!?! ARE YOU SURE, DON?!?! I’m pretty positive that everyone Trump has ever come across has worn a wire. And that every room he’s ever stepped foot in has been tapped. To think otherwise is fake news. Don may want to ask his friends again about that potential wire.

Cheadle went on to defend his friend and her father for not speaking up, but even if they did, what would it have accomplished? There was no proof (unless he really was wearing a wire) and even if there was, did you not see all of the things that came out about Trump during his campaign. They had him on tape talking about grabbing women by the pussy, and women still voted for him. He literally said, “I can shoot someone and not lose a vote.” Being a racist wasn’t going to cause Trump to lose the election. It’s what helped him win.

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robert franklin stroud
robert franklin stroud
7 years ago

Meanwhile there is actual video of Hillary denigrating blacks and of Don himself using the word.

Get over the Election, bro. Sorry, but your pro-War, pro-Banker corrupt Establishment candidate with a vagina LOST.