Fake Power Ranger Pleads Guility to Killing Man with Samurai Sword

Former Red Lion Ranger (WTF is a Red Lion Ranger?) Ricardo Medina pleaded guilty to killing his roommate with a samurai sword.

When I was a kid, The Power Rangers were pretty much the greatest thing in existence. Then, I grew up. But you know what, I still watch the original Power Rangers on Netflix because they are still awesome. One thing I refuse to watch is the 500 different Power Rangers spin-offs that took place. Apparently, the Red Lion Ranger was part of the Power Rangers Wild Force series.

This is the problem with so many spin-offs of great TV shows. Listen, Red Lion Ranger, you’re not a real Power Ranger. That means you can’t just go around killing guys with samurai swords. If Jason David Frank wants to be an MMA fighter, that’s cool. He’s the original Green Ranger. He can be an MMA fighter.

According to investigators, the incident started as an argument between Medina and Josh Sutter on January 31st, 2015, over how Medina’s girlfriend had parked her car. The altercation turned heated, and investigators said Sutter forced his way into Medina’s room. Medina grabbed a samurai sword he kept by the door and stabbed Sutter multiple times before calling 911.

Oh, so this is the girlfriend’s fault. If she just parked properly, none of this happens.

At a preliminary hearing last October, prosecutors played the 911 call in which Medina is heard talking to Sutter after the stabbing: “Damn it, Josh. Why did you do this, man. Why did you make me do this?”

That’s the calling of a psycho killer. Talking to his victim and blaming him.

Instead of possibly facing a life sentence if convicted – and how the hell was he not going to be convicted? – Medina took the plea. He’ll be sentenced on March 30th. How about he’s forced to give his girlfriend driving lessons, he has to fight all of the original Power Rangers without a samurai sword, and he still gets a life sentence for killing a dude with a samurai sword over a parked car.

[Image: YouTube screenshot]

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