Wanna Know What George W. Bush Really Thought About Trump’s Inauguration?

It might be unfair to call George W. Bush a bad president because he pretty clearly wasn’t calling any of the shots, and probably didn’t even know what was going on. He wasn’t really president at all.

The man who was the devil according to liberals, and did some of the worst foreign policy s**t of all time according to the Middle Eastern children still getting their arms blown off because of his administration, is being reborn as a sort of wacky internet meme. After struggling with his poncho at Donald Trump’s inauguration, a bunch of people are finding him kinda adorable.

He failed to give a statement at the inauguration and basically fled, but three people heard him make a pretty spot on assessment of the whole sitch. According to NYMAG, all three people heard Dubya say:“That was some weird s**t.”


[Image: YouTube screenshot]

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robert franklin stroud
robert franklin stroud
5 years ago

So a corrupt Establishment politician in the mold of Globalist war-monger Hillary Clinton did not like the inauguration of an ant-Establishment, anti-Globalist, anti-War President. Shocking!

When are all you butt-hurt Liberals going to realize you look stupid dupes crying over the loss of the very much anti-Liberal corrupt #SickHillary?

5 years ago

You’re a little retarded aren’t you? While you pretend all those words and fancy nicknames you use are from your own creative intelligence, you don’t realize they’re hand picked from the Republican “How to talk Republitard” script. These guys use the word “Liberal” like it’s a bad word. Guess what? Liberals like the word “Liberal”. How about instead of using the same 3 words like butthurt, cuck, snowflake over and over….you come up with a few more from the dictionary. It’s full of other words. Try reading it someday. #LimitedBrainCapacity

robert franklin stroud
robert franklin stroud
5 years ago
Reply to  davesnothere

Cry more.

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