Georges St-Pierre to Return Against Michael Bisping in a Fight No One Wanted

Georges St-Pierre is returning to the Octagon. And his first fight back will be against UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

I’m disappointed that St-Pierre is even returning given that he could have gotten out of the sport with his health intact and on top. But Michael Bisping? GSP spent years ducking Anderson Silva at 185, but now he’s willing to fight at 185 after not fighting for four years. And Bisping’s first two title defenses are going to be against Dan Henderson, a 46-year-old who didn’t deserve a title shot, and St-Pierre, a guy who has never fought at middleweight.

Sorry, Yoel Romero, even though you were previously promised a title shot, you’re the most deserving guy on the roster, and you tried your best to build up the fight, you just aren’t relevant enough.

The UFC seemed excited, at least.

Let’s see how the fans responded.

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