What Do You Get When You Put Tom Hanks, George W. Bush, Rita Wilson, and a Dead Bird Together?

America’s Sweetdad, Tom Hanks, has toured The White House a number of times because he is the alpha dad. Once he and his wife ran into Dubya himself while touring The White House, and the former president did pretty much exactly what you would expect.

From Vanity Fair:

Once, the Hanks family was taking a tour of the place like any plebeian could, and Hanks’s wife, Rita Wilson, ran into George W. Bush while he was headed to the gym. “I hear my wife say in the hallway, ‘Well, hello, Mr. President!’ and I heard George W. Bush say, ‘Well hi, who are you?’ My wife said ‘I’m Rita Hanks, Tom’s wife.’ (And she only busts the ‘Hanks’ version of her last name when convenient.) He said, ‘Well, of course, how are you?’ So they started talking.”

The President offered to give Tom Hanks and his family a tour of the Oval Office, and on the way over, he proved that he is really a dumb country boy that was probably totally unaware of his surroundings throughout his entire presidency.

“We’re walking toward the Rose Garden to go into the Oval Office, but I swear to God, there was a dead black bird lying in the grass,” Hanks said. “And he said, ‘Ah, oh, that’s a shame.’ and he picks up the bird with his bare hands, and says, ‘Yeah, We get these all the time in the ranch!’ and threw the black bird into the bushes to get it out of sight and goes, ‘Ah, the crew’ll pick that up.’ ”

Dear lord.

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