Gigi Hadid Under Fire for Posing in a Headscarf in Vogue Arabia


Gigi Hadid, who is half Palestinian and has a Muslim father, is getting a lot of s**t for posing in a headscarf on the cover of Vogue Arabia, while pretty much ignoring her heritage and the issues facing that community the rest of the time.

Also, they don’t like her whole perpetually half-naked deal using the veil, which is an item of religious faithfulness, as a fashion statement.

After Gigi posted this photo on her Instagram, everything went to hell, basically.

While Gigi is all about this photo and thinks it will promote inclusivity and respectful cultural exchange in the fashion world, a lot of people on the internet disagree.

It looks like a lot of people had no idea Gigi Hadid wasn’t white until right now, which says a lot about how vocal she is about her heritage and how important it is to her.

Seriously, Lindsay Lohan has spoken more about Islam than Gigi Hadid, who seems to think that being Muslim and being Palestinian are the same thing.

In the west we don’t really learn anything about Palestine other than that they and Israel don’t get along or something, and most of what most people seem to know about Islam seems to have come from Team America: World Police, but the fact that Gigi Hadid thinks the Islamic religion and Palestinian nationality are the same thing really says a lot about what a solid cover model she is for the first ever cover of Vogue Arabia.


[H/T The Daily Mail]

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robert franklin stroud
robert franklin stroud
7 years ago

Why do they care? They are following a religion better suited to 700 years ago with its oppression of women and murder of gays or anyone that leaves it. There were no cameras 700 years so no offense.