Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Doing It

Two days ago, it looked like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were getting back together. Yesterday, it looked like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner might stay together. Today, it looks like Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are together.

Things sure move fast in Hollywood.

“They started hanging out a couple of weeks ago,” the insider tells Us. “It’s been really secretive.”

I bet it’s been really secretive. Two weeks ago, J.Lo was dating Drake. Two days ago, she was re-dating Ben Affleck. What would they think if they knew that she was really dating A-Rod this whole time?

“They’re in the same place in their lives, they both have kids around the same age,” the insider tells Us of the new couple.

This is good news. Drake and Lopez never made sense because Drake wasn’t about to raise any kids. A-Rod is retired, has a nice job as a FoxSports analyst, and seems content with the billions of dollars he made as a player. Meanwhile, Lopez is on some show that I only know about because Hulu advertises it during every break. STOP THAT, HULU!

I hope the best for J-Rod. Or A.Lo. Or Jelex. Or Lodriguez. I’d say we need to decide on a name, but let’s at least make sure they are going to last more than a week.

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