Jennifer Lopez Still Hot, Alex Rodriguez ‘Would Wife Her Up in a Heartbeat’

Jennifer Lopez showed up to the NBC press tour sans Alex Rodriguez. Dude’s probably injecting PEDs into his butt to keep up with all the sex he’s having. Rodriguez is so vain, how often do you think he stares in the mirror while doing it? Over/under at 70% of the time.

Lopez still looks amazing after all these years. She doesn’t even look like she’s had that much surgery. One of those rare Hollywood actresses who get to age gracefully.

Her romance with Alex Rodriguez is still going strong. It’s good publicity much like her fake Drake relationship. This isn’t just a fling though. Sources say:

“Friends are slowly thinking this may actually be a great match. He calls J.Lo his lady. He would wife her up in a heartbeat…She is different than other people he’s dated.”

They also have a “crazy connection” and maul each other in public. Good times.

Another source gushed that “Jennifer and Alex are heating up big time” and went “from zero to 100 really quick.”

This could actually work. Actually, this would be a really good relationship. Both are from the entertainment worlds, both have their own identities and strong careers, Lopez with her TV show, Shades of Blue, and Rodriguez with his baseball analyst gig.

Maybe Rodriguez will even inject Lopez once in awhile with designer drugs. That’s true love.

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