Jimmy Fallon May Get More Political

Jimmy Fallon is a good late night TV host. I used to watch his show every night (well, the next day. And only because my girlfriend loved him) but we stopped when we realized there were better things to do. But, he is good. He’s silly and likable.

Jimmy Fallon is not political.

Unfortunately, Jimmy Fallon may have to start getting more political if he wants to keep up with Stephen Colbert, who is now beating him in viewership. Fallon is still winning the 18-34 demographic, but his overall viewers are down compared to Colbert.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Colbert has always been political, and he’s always been good at it. Hell, he’s written books on it. Fallon isn’t political. He wants everyone to like him and he wants to play games. I mean, we all remember this.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But, you can’t just switch gears and try to add biting commentary when you’ve been getting by with jokes for the past six months. It’ll come off as fake. It’s why I can’t fully buy into Saturday Night Live‘s commentary after they let Trump host and played softball with him. They’ve gotten better, but it’s taken them awhile.

Fallon should stick to what he does best. Play password, re-unite 90’s TV casts, and laugh at everything. Do your political bits, but don’t act like you didn’t have a small hand in being too easy on Trump during the election. Don’t be something you’re not, Jimmy.

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