Jordan Peele May Have to Save ‘Akira’

Have you seen Get Out? It’s really good. I haven’t actually seen it, but everyone tells me it’s really good. Jordan Peele directed the movie on a $5 million budget. The film has grossed over $150 million. When you do a lot with a little, you become a sought after man in Tinseltown.

A live action version of Akira, a famous Japanese manga, needs some type of saving and Peele might be the man to do it. If you can make a horror movie that appeals to minorities, you can certainly make a live action version of manga.

Akira was reportedly set for production years ago. Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart were going to star, and that just sounds like a terrible plan. Now, Leonardo DiCaprio’s studio is in production, headed by Andrew Lazar. If Leo can’t get this movie off the ground, it’s probably not worth saving.

Peele is hot right now, so I understand studios beating down his door, but it’s possible that he’s better suited for small budget films. Big budget means big expectations and less freedom. Not saying he can’t do it, just saying we should temper our expectations that he’s going to crush it.

Casting will be important. It’s a Japanese manga. I don’t care how good Jordan Peele is, people don’t want to see two white meat actors as the stars. We’ve been through this with The Wall.

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