Joss Whedon Switches Sides, Will Direct ‘Batgirl’ Movie

Joss Whedon has now lived long enough to become the villain. After taking Marvel to new heights with his direction of The Avengers series, Whedon is jumping sides to DC in order to direct a Batgirl movie. Is there no loyalty in Hollywood? Don’t answer that. Of course there is no loyalty in Hollywood.

This all sounds fine until Donald Trump gets word of what’s going on and shuts it down. Trump failing at just about everything is bad news for those in Hollywood who have wronged him.

No word yet on who would play Batgirl or if she’ll appear in another DC film prior to her solo adventure. My guess is that Emma Stone or Emma Watson will get the role because they seem to get every role. Although, wouldn’t it be awesome if they casted Jennifer Garner? Maybe this can be Ben Affleck’s big gesture to repair his marriage. Then they could do a big Marvel vs. DC movie where it’s Daredevil and Elektra vs. Batman and Batgirl.

Hollywood should really pay me for these ideas.

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