Kal Penn Gets in on Making Fun of That Kellyanne Conway Couch Photo

You’ve seen that ridiculous photo of Kellyanne Conway sitting on that couch. You have seen all of all the memes.

If you haven’t, here’s Kellyanne Conway chillin on the couch on her phone like some kinda Millennial stereotype while Trump met with a group of leaders from historically black colleges and universities.

So profesh.

“Harold and Kumar” star Kal Penn, who actually left Hollywood for a time to work for the Obama administration, recreated the famous pose in awesome photo captioned “Kal-E-Anne” on the set of his ABC drama, “Designated Survivor.”


[H/T Huffington Post]

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robert franklin stroud
robert franklin stroud
7 years ago

I’ve seen pictures of Obama will his feet and shoes all over the desk in that Office and Michael with her feet wearing shoes on plenty of couches.

The MSMedia are garbage and Liberals are mentally-ill jumping on everything to score a point after their pro-war, pro-banker corrupt and crooked Establishment candidate with a vagina lost.