Kal Penn Shares Racist Scripts From His Early Days

It’s no secret at this point that Hollywood is racist as f**k, and for decades if you weren’t white, there was an 80% chance you were gonna play a maid, a terrorist, or a criminal.

And Kal Penn has the literal receipts, which he put up on Twitter.

And it gets even worse.

And they wouldn’t even let him not do that if he wanted to get paid, and eat that week.

How about the groundbreaking role of “Foreign student that lives in fear of sweat shops”, though?

Damn, like, if you are gonna make an offensive joke, at least make it good. This s**t racist, stupid, generic, and boring.

Fuckin sandjob.

Release me.

Oh my god.

Damn, white people, why we gotta be like this?

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