‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Close to Being Taken Behind the Shed and Shot

Things aren’t looking good for the first family of reality. The Kardashians are watching their E! reality series drop like a stone in the ratings. Viewers are peeling off and it’s got the Kardashians worried. How will they make money by doing nothing if the show gets canceled??

Ratings for last Sunday were only 1.41 million viewers. Considering that the first two episodes of season 13 did 1.48 and 1.58 million and the previous season premiere did 2.19 million viewers, you can see the trend. It’s down. The trend is down.

One insider close to the production put it very succinctly.

“This sucks.”

So descriptive.

The family thought this season would draw yuuuuge ratings with Kim Kardashian’s whole robbery thing. Guess what? No one cares anymore. The same source said “these were big episodes and they were supposed to bring in big numbers. This is bad.”

Aren’t these Kardashians pushing 40? The only two who anyone cares about are Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Those two need their own spin-offs. The rest need to start thinking about getting actual jobs.

No wonder Kris Jenner wants to push a Kardashians animated series. That way they’ll never age even when they do in real life.

Please do America a favor and cancel this series.

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