Look at This Adorable Idiot Confuse a Water Heater for a Robot

Check this out. Countless hours of Disney movies and YouTube videos have scrambled this poor child’s brain and given her the impression that robots of today look exactly like this discarded water heater sitting on the street waiting to NOT be picked up on trash day.

You may think it’s cute how she stares at the heater in childlike wonderment and hugs that broken piece of junk like it was a machine programmed to feel emotion. But it’s not! It’s going to be a terrifying day for her when she finally sees real robots. Notably, the living nightmares currently being developed by Boston Dynamics.

Also, I can’t help but think she calls everything a robot because at the end she turns to the manhole cover and goes to hug that thing too. If that water heater could feel, it’d hang its cooling fans in sadness because it no longer felt special.

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