Mike Tyson Almost Decapitated Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard’s in full promo mode for CHiPS. So, he’s going around to every media outlet drumming up press by revealing interesting tidbits. Some might say oversharing.

Or risking diarrhea by eating hot wings.

Shepard went on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and shared the time Mike Tyson nearly rearranged his face.

Evidently, Shepard had met Tyson a few days prior which made him think they were tight. Nah, wrong.

A week later at the NBA All-Star Game, Shepard ran into Tyson again and playfully grabbed Tyson’s shoulders. According to Shepard, Tyson said “if you don’t take your hand off my shoulder, I’m gonna break your fucking head open.”

Definitely not how you treat a buddy.

Shepard “thought he was joking … then he escalated it and I took my hand off his shoulder.”

I’m not sure if Tyson’s breaking his head open remark was the escalation or if something even crazier happened.

Shepard wised up and took this hands off Tyson. Then, he went to the bathroom and threw away his underwear that he just shat in.

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