Mischa Barton Sex Tape Available to Highest Bidder

Mischa Barton has a sex tape. Which isn’t all that surprising given that she’s a hot celebrity. I’m convinced that every celebrity has a sex tape. You don’t look that good and not tape yourself having sex. Of course, not every celebrity sex tape gets released because most of them are smart enough to copy the hard file onto their computer and delete everything from the cloud. I just assume that’s what you would do if you were trying to keep your sex tape between you and your partner.

The tape, which shows Barton having sex with a dark-haired man, is being brokered by Kevin Blatt.

‘I know that at least three large online porn sites,, and have reviewed it and they’re all seriously considering the offer.

‘I’ve seen stills from the video, it’s clearly Mischa in my opinion.

‘She’s seen performing a sex act on a guy and can be seen having sex in various positions.’

The starting price for the tape is $500,000.

Mischa has fallen on hard times recently, getting drugged at a party and going crazy talking to a fence. A sex tape would only add to her troubles.

A source told the Daily Mail:

‘This is the last thing Mischa needs. Her name has been dragged through the mud enough times, she doesn’t need a sex scandal right now.’

Although, she could turn her fortunes around if she decides to embrace it. Just look at Kim Kardashian, who made millions off her tape. Yup, we have to be skeptical of a clear invasion of privacy nowadays because of the Kardashians.

Anyway, I don’t know why this is a big deal. Am I the only person who watched The O.C.? Mischa had sex all the time. With girls, too.

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7 years ago

Lol “hot celebrity”