Sylvester Stallone Once Sold His Dog Because He Had No Money

Sylvester Stallone was feeling sentimental on Instagram yesterday. So, he decided to tell the story of his dog Butkus, and how he had to sell him for $40 before buying him back for $15,000 after the screenplay for Rocky sold.

The lesson here is, if you see a homeless man on the streets and they have a dog, they’re not doing everything they can to make money. That dog is worth some money, and if they really need money, they’d sell the dog. And if they truly believed in themselves, they would find a way to make enough money to get the dog back.

At least, I think that’s the lesson. You can never really tell with Stallone.

Shout out to all dogs across the world. May you someday be worth $15,000 to someone.

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