Tom Cruise’s Zero Gravity ‘Mummy’ Stunt Took 64 Takes

Tom Cruise is a crazy motherfucker, but the fact that he’s willing to kill and torture himself in order for me to be entertained for under a minute really touches me.

He’s spent over a year training for some crazy MI6 stunt, almost drowned himself for another movie, and just did 64 takes in zero gravity to enhance my movie-going experience.

From Variety:

For a plane crash sequence in “The Mummy,” the actor’s upcoming monster movie, Cruise did 64 takes in zero gravity. The sequence took two days to shoot and four high-altitude flights, the filmmakers said during a trailer presentation on Wednesday at CinemaCon.

“There was a lot of barfing,” said Alex Kurtzman, the film’s writer and director.

Tom Cruise not only needs to be committed but is also very committed to films.

He does the kind of s**t to himself on the regular that hasn’t happened to actors since Albert Hitchcock tied birds to that one chick to get vengeance on her for not sucking his dick and filmed it.

Tom Cruise was offered the option to do it on soundstage but turned it down because he wanted assholes like me to have a better movie going experience.

Tom Cruise has done more for me than most people I’ve dated.

Thanks, Tom.

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