Tomi Lahren Won’t Let ‘The Blaze’ Steal Her Facebook Fans from Her

Tomi Lahren ’bout to get paid. Does anyone watch Fox News? I’ll dip in on Twitter for clips. If there’s any women hosting, they’re always blonde. Now that The Blaze put Lahren on ice, she’ll be a free agent soon. Fox News will likely pick her up, that’s the popular opinion. There must be some dark horses out there willing to take a shot on this chatterbox. Megyn Kelly makes $15 million to $20 million per year off her new NBC deal. One of the big broadcast networks may want to take a chance on Lahren to counter Kelly.

In any case, that’s down the road. Right now, Lahren wants what she believes to be rightfully hers: her 4.2 million Facebook fans. The Blaze hasn’t said anything about her 720,000 Instagram fans or her 686,000 Twitter followers, so those look safe. Those are numbers I find incredible.

The Blaze claims her Facebook page is owned by site. They’re playing hardball and saying nyet to her demands to take those fans with her.

Lahren thinks she’s more marketable if she has those 4.2 million fans following her to wherever she ends up. That makes sense.

This is all negotiation tactics. According to TMZ, “she has 6 months left on her contract and she’s currently negotiating a severance package which includes a payout and a possible time out where she can’t work anywhere else.” They’re just putting up another roadblock to Lahren’s exit.

Can we make #FreeLahren go viral? It’s important that we don’t let this injustice continue.

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