Someone Blows the Whistle on Too Short, Rapper Investigated for Rape

Rapper Too Short is being investigated for rape stemming from November.

But there might be more to the story.

The alleged victim is a protege of Too Short and claims she was a virgin before Short allegedly violated her. She went on to say that her provocative videos does not mean she gave consent. It’s a fair point, but bringing it up a little suspect. Furthermore, she went to the cops a month after the alleged rape when she was dropped by Short’s record label. Finally, she’s now asking to get back on the record label…even though she was raped by the head of the label.

This doesn’t quite add up to me, but I’m not one to say that a woman wasn’t raped when she says she was.

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robert franklin stroud
robert franklin stroud
7 years ago

Why not?
Why is this the only crime where you can’t apply common sense and skepticism.
While the crime is very much under-reported, so is appreciation of how many false claims are made for personal/economic advantage and revenge.

7 years ago

” I’m not one to say that a woman wasn’t raped when she says she was.”

Whew, for a minute there, you were close to jeopardizing your friendship with Isadora “All Men Are Either Rapists Or Future Rapists” Tiech.