Are We Witnessing The Fall Of Mariah Carey?

Did you know Mariah Carey just put out a failed single? Usually when someone as big as she allegedly is puts out something it’s a big deal, whether it gets good press or torn apart.

I don’t think anyone even heard “I Don’t.” I still haven’t.

Following a miserable NYE performance so bad it doesn’t even classify as a performance, s**t is definitely not looking up for Mariah. In fact, it looks like her record company is even considering dropping her all together.

According to Showbiz411:

I caught word that Epic Records is very unhappy with Mariah. That recent single, called “I Don’t,” was a total failure. It was also a total surprise to Epic. They were sent the track all completed, with no forewarning from Carey’s camp that it was coming, I am told. They hadn’t heard it. “We were just told to put it out,” says a source. So they did. And it flopped.

Mariah Carey’s ex is right. She does need professional help because her management is majorly fucking up. Her manager Stella Bulochnikov is clearly doing a really shitty job, and has apparently also cut Mariah off from everyone so no one can reach her.

That’s a really bad fucking sign, and it’s getting even worse.

Now my sources say Epic chief L.A. Reid is considering dropping Mariah from the label. In the time since she signed with him, Carey has had two singles– “I Don’t” and “Infinity.” They were not sellers, and didn’t get played on radio. There is no work being done toward an album, and no conversations are taking place between Epic and Carey’s team.

If Mariah wants to continue living like a queen, she better find someone that can manage her into some goddamn money. And stat.

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DH Saunders
DH Saunders
6 years ago

Mariah’s latest single was poorly promoted by her record label Epic, with almost no promos in print, billboards, or on the internet. Despite this, the video was #1 trending on Youtube, received rave reviews on music blogs – as did her live appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the Dubai Jazz Festival!
Her famous voice was also featured as a cast member in the #1 box office global smash LegoBatman.!!

Amanda Mandypoo Outlaw
Amanda Mandypoo Outlaw
6 years ago

We’ve been thinking the same thing Tommy Mattola was and had been telling her to get rid of Stella, that pathetic manager of hers, and try to find new team assistants and a new manager so that Mariah will be able to get her career back on track.