Wyclef Jean Arrested for Being Black

Rapper Wyclef Jean says he was arrested by police in a mistaken identity disaster. Because he and his car fit the description of a man who had robbed someone at a gas station at gunpoint, they put him in cuffs. He even documented his arrest on Twitter.

According to the Sheriff’s department:

“Jean not only had a similar appearance to the suspect, but he also had a red bandana like the suspect.”

Wycleff Jean tweeted:

“I was asked by the police to put my hands up.”

“Then I was told do not move. I was instantly hand cuffed before being asked to identify myself. Nor was I told why I was being cuffed. In the process I said my name and told them they have wrong person.”
At the time of the robbery, Wycleff Jean was at the studio with T-baby. He says he is going to sue the LAPD.
The LAPD says they have nothing to do with it, as he was jumped by the Sheriff’s department, and not them.  I hope he sues somebody. This s**t is fucked up.
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