Aaron Hernandez Leaves Gay Prison Lover Without Explanation for Suicide

Keep this Aaron Hernandez story going. Every day there’s something new and amazing. Not a joke to call this a real life soap opera.

By now, you know that Aaron Hernandez committed suicide and left three suicide notes. Two went to his daughter and fiancee. The third allegedly went to his gay prison lover.

Turns out it’s not true. Or so sources say.

Hernandez actually wrote the third note to Jose Baez, his attorney. Did the note say “Give this note to my gay prison lover”?

Per TMZ:

The contents of the letters are being kept under wraps for now — but sources familiar with the investigation tell us the ex-NFL player did not leave any sort of a message for another inmate.

I think this is spin. Supposedly, he killed Odin Lloyd to cover up a high school gay relationship. He also gave Kyle Kennedy, his gay prison lover, a $50,000 watch. I think twice about letting a friend borrow $5 for McDonald’s. No one is getting a $50,000 watch from me unless we’re more than friends.

Where does this leave Kennedy, his gay prison lover? That guy was the last one to see Hernandez alive and was put on “eyeball to eyeball” suicide watch after Hernandez killed himself. Kennedy’s off suicide watch, but he’s probably wondering where his damn suicide note is. “I suck your dick and I don’t even get a note?? That’s cold, bro.”

Even if Kennedy doesn’t admit to being Hernandez’s boyfriend in prison, he might cop to it anyway to get that 20/20 interview money.

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