Adriana Lima Got Semi-Naked for Easter

This is why Christ came back. LOVE magazine threw Adriana Lima naked into a shower and told her to dance seductively. Also, eat these chocolate bunnies while you’re at it. Totally what any sane person does in the shower.

This video came on Easter Sunday. #LOVEEASTER! That’s the actual hashtag.

It also features a demented looking bunny, shots of Lima’s breasts and ass and lots of water.

Watch the whole video, it might be considered NSFW.

If you want to know Lima as a person (as a what now?), she loves Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. So impress her with your TV knowledge and quote Game of Thrones as your pickup line.

Lima will tell you she’s like any person, she has her insecurities. Check this out.

I was never happy with my hair. I have very dry hair, oh my god. It’s just high-maintenance. I really have to take care of this thing.

*stunned silence* This girl is insecure about her hair. Got that? Not her cottage cheese thighs like the rest of you trolls or her stretch marks or her beer belly. No, her hair could use a little moisture.

I’ll just leave it at that.

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