Adrienne Bailon Spills Out of Her Top

Adrienne Bailon has the perfect top. Two sizes too small. It’s like Mount St. Helens if that volcano erupted boobs. That would make her boobs equal to lava which we can all accept.

NYMAG published a huge interview with her. It’s interesting for two reasons. First, I never realized she was that popular. Second, she talks a lot about periods.

On speaking out about periods: Talking about it normalizes what’s going on with us. Oh, you go through that? I go through that, too. Oh, you wear a panty liner? I wear a panty liner, too. Guess what, you get your period? I do, too. I think opening the conversation, especially for young women, is so important so that by the time they get older like me, they know it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and that it’s something that’s totally normal, and something that you can even bond with another woman over.

Are periods something to be embarrassed about? I thought it’s just part of life.

She goes onto talk about PMS. Her cure is ginger tea which she says helps with menstrual symptoms. It’s also good for migraines, headaches and kidney infections. So, you know, there’s that.

In summary, periods are ok, ginger tea is a super cure and Adrienne Bailon has massive knockers.

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