Ariel Winter Wore a Tight Top and Pink Hair to Coachella

It’s mid-April which means Coachella celebs and fashion. Celebrities hoof it to the middle of the desert and enjoy their air-conditioned tents.

Ariel Winter showed up again this year and did her outfit well. She came in a super tight top that showed off some underboob and cut-off denim shorts.

Her boyfriend Levi Meaden joined her. His outfit can be described as “does it look like I care?”

She only posted one Instagram that looks like her at the swag tent for H&M.

If you haven’t checked her IG lately, you’re missing sideboob and booty.

Winter recently appeared on Conan where she showed off her talent at making baby voices.

Yeaaa…I already know what you’re thinking, you perv.

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robert franklin stroud
robert franklin stroud
7 years ago

Short, fat, and mentally-unbalanced.
Hard pass.