Ashley Graham Is All Sorts of Hot in These Photos

I want to see Ashley Graham not look good. She hung out at Coachella this past weekend and went topless. Always a good choice.

Graham poses here in jeans and a tank top for this photoshoot. No idea who or what for.

My real question is: where’s this plus-size models revolution? It seemed like there was a whole no airbrush, embrace your body type revolution going on.

All I know are two plus-size models: Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence. Graham landed the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover last year. That was a Jackie Robinson moment right there. It was the first time a size-16 woman snagged the cover. Around the same time, Lawrence got an Aerie lingerie spokesmodel gig. If you don’t know Lawrence, this is her.

Graham currently has a new book out, A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like. In it, she talks about being sexually molested at 10 years old. Yea, this just took a dark turn.

In her book, A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like, Graham says the 18-year-old son of her parents’ friends forced her to touch his erection while they were drying off in her laundry room after swimming in the pool. She says she was frightened after the interaction and fled from the room, but that the episode “left me with so many lingering questions.”

I’m not ending on this note.

Graham seems totally in love with husband, Justin Ervin. Look at this happy video.

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