Ashley Graham Sticks Her Breasts in Your Face

I’m so happy for Ashley Graham. Her plus-size body converged with the modeling industry’s gradual acceptance of bigger women. Now she has a career.  The American Dream still burns bright.

She recently made Time magazine’s Top 100 List. Time made up by the list to sell more ad space and have a reason to put on the Time 100 Gala. I assume there’s no real criteria. They had Tyra Banks write a glowing essay on Graham though.

Every inch of Ashley Graham’s face tells the story of beauty—inside and out.

Every word she speaks shouts to all who lack faith in their reflections.

Every Graham of her body embraces anyone who ever doubted themselves.

Ashley’s firsts will last in our minds forever, permanently imprinted in our skulls that all of our beauty matters.

Yes, Ashley. You did that. And I am beyond proud, in admiration and in awe of your power and influence over so many people’s self-worth.

It is time for everyone to bow down to the fashion industry’s—no, make that beauty’s—new queen.

Wow, I didn’t realize Ashley’s impact. Here I thought she was just a voluptuous woman who modeled. But ok, all hail the new queen I guess.

Oh wait, you came for boobs didn’t you. BAM! Breasts smashed into your oily face. Check out the 2nd pic. Tyra, I bow down to the queen’s breasts.

This is like plus-size women dance week here. Iskra Lawrence, another plus-size woman, threw up a video on her Instagram that was a throwback to her dancing to Migos. The videos should be required viewing for any guy.

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