Obama’s First Joke About Trump Was Perfect

For awhile now, Barack Obama held his tongue on Donald Trump. Obviously, he didn’t want to step down and then immediately start going in on the new president. Yesterday though, he couldn’t stop himself from poking at him.

During an A&E History Channel event , historian Doris Kearns Goodwin interviewed Obama. One of her questions was how Obama dealt with frustrations during his presidency.

His response? “For starters, by not having a Twitter account.”

Perfect. It’s so easy to get under Trump’s skin. Expect a Trump tweetstorm tomorrow in response.

I bet you anything he brings up Obama’s fee for speaking at the event. The network paid the former president $400,000 for his speech.

Once you finish gasping, consider that he had to speak for a whole 90 minutes. That’s 90 minutes of straight talking. And he actually had to do it well, unlike President Trump who still sounds the words out in his head.

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