Bella Thorne Reveals Lesbian Crush on Kristen Stewart, Channels Marilyn Monroe

Bella Thorne, 19, dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for a shoot with Harper’s Bazaar. Welcome to every young celebrity woman’s phase. Lindsay Lohan did a recreation of Monroe’s famous “Last Sitting” set of photos. You can check them out here (link NSFW).

Now Thorne’s done her own imitation. She recreates “Douglas Kirkland’s iconic 1961 shoot that captured Marilyn Monroe in nothing but a silk bedsheet.” For the originals, go here.

You can’t really tell if Thorne resembles Monroe, but that’s not really the point. Slap a blonde wig on her and people get the association.

The actual interview in Harper’s is very, very long. It’s probably the most I’ve ever read about Thorne. I mean, she’s to be seen, not heard, right? Hello…no? Ok then.

Honestly, she comes across as not having an overblown ego. She goes in-depth on a ton of subjects.

She came out as bisexual last year, but has never dated a woman. If she had her choice, she’d totally do Kristen Stewart.

“She’s so hot. She seems like the raddest chick, I’d be so down.”

Yet, Thorne has a hard time reading woman. Welcome to the club!

“I can’t tell if a girl is hitting on me or she just wants to be friends. And I don’t want to flirt with a girl if she thinks I’m just being her friend. What if I kiss a girl and she’s like ‘Oh, I’m just your friend dude, I can’t believe you just crossed that boundary.’ I’m confused on what they want from me.”

She just described every interaction when you’re interested in someone.

There’s more relatinship talk from Thorne. Like how she hates being single and loves being in relationships.

“I’m single as f**k…I could not be more single. This is the longest I’ve been super single.”

Hit me up Bella, I’ll change that for you.

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