The Blemish Looks Different, Feels… Something

Welcome to the new design for 2017! Can you believe this is the 9th version? It’s yet another fresh look for those that have stuck around through disappointment after disappointment. See what happens when you stay in an abusive relationship? A tiny sliver of hope to faintly illuminate that chasm of deep regret.

If you’re wondering why we haven’t spoken in a while, it’s because I’ve been busy working on keeping the backend of this site from falling apart. I’ve gone through lots of superglue and added 4 more hamsters to the wheel that powers the servers. Unfortunately, one died while two others chewed through their restraints and ran away. So, I can’t do anything about the speed.

What I can… and DID… do was make everything more readable. No longer will you have to squint at the dick jokes that go along with the boob posts while taking the bus or sitting on the can. The future is here. Today!

Those ads though

As you may have heard people screaming, the ad model is dying. And they’re right. It is. And with that comes the problem. Unlike other sites, we aren’t backed by a big company or investors. We’re still wholly independent.

So now what?

That said, we’re going to be trying something new. There will still be ads and full page takeovers in the near future, BUT, there will be a Patreon set up where you can support the site. As the Patreon grows (I’m being too optimistic aren’t I?), ads will be removed from the site. The goal is to use reader support in lieu of ads to give you more of that content you want.

Wait, Patreon?

Yea, Patreon. The thing I’m linking to as much as I can? You can use it to help us out. Why would you ever support this site? Well, you, uh, someone I know has cancer? No, I’m sorry. I lied. Look, maybe you enjoy coming here or you’re just impressed that I can even form semi-coherent sentences with the brain injury some of you say I have. Or maybe you like to read or hate-read our writers. Whatever it is, know that we’re not too proud to beg.

Note that even if our Patreon stays at $0, we’ll never serve popups, popunders, pop-anything. Nor will we show those annoying full page ads you have to wait 5 seconds to dismiss. If you see any, please let us know.


We know you love ’em and we want to give them to you. However, we also want to entertain you with other pop-culture news and events. Hence, we’re going to try to go a little more in-depth sometimes to mix it up a little and give you a wide swath of content to choose from. I don’t even know what “swath” means but I hope I’m using it right.

And if the only reason you came here was to look at photos, I got you covered.

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