This Girl Decided to Blow a Taxi Driver While Her Friends Robbed Him

Well, this is confusing. In Findlay, Ohio, Brittany Carter, 23, decided to give a taxi driver oral sex while her friends robbed. him. Obviously, rape is rape and it’s all bad. Why blow a guy when your friends are robbing him though? Seems like an odd choice of action. Here’s her mug shot, she looks quite happy.

According to Findlay police, Brittany S. Carter, 23, entered a taxi around 4:24 a.m. on Jan. 28 with Cory L. Jackson, 20, of Lima, who held a knife at the male cab driver while Carter performed a sex act on him.

Findlay Detective Lt. Robert Ring said “we don’t know why she did it. Maybe it was a distraction because they took money from him.”

Some reports say only one guy robbed Jackson, others say two.

Carter and Jackson took $32 from the taxi driver and bounced. The taxi driver then called police and reported the incident. Did he clean himself up first before calling? Please interview the taxi driver. I need to know his mindset.

They caught Carter, but Jackson remains at large.

Carter is no stranger to trouble.

Carter was indicted twice last year on felony drug charges, according to court records that show both cases are pending. One indictment accuses Carter of possessing heroin, while the second indictment alleges that she allowed her vehicle to be used in the trafficking of heroin.

No mention of blow jobs are made in either case.

[Image: Brittany Carter/Facebook]

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6 years ago

Fucking whore.

6 years ago

She can rob me anytime. Unfortunately I only have 25 bucks on me. Seems fair.

6 years ago

So, they held a knife to him, then she blew him. If the gender’s were reversed here, would this be a story about robbery and how attractive the “robber” was?